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January 20th, 2024 

The Sound of Light


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Nerve Cowboy, Selected Works: 1996 -2004 published August 2023. 164 pages, perfect bound, jam packed with amazing poems, stories, and art.

From 1996 to 2022, Nerve Cowboy was a biannual journal of poetry, short fiction, art, and music. As we turn to our next chapter, our goal continues to be to feature work sensitive enough to make the hardest hard-ass cry, funny enough to make the most hopeless brooder laugh, and disturbing enough to make us all glad we're not the author of the piece. 

Published by Nodin Press

This anthology contains a wide array of poems by Minnesota poets dealing with the experience of personal loss, grief, and recovery. Among the specific themes are divorce, the death of a child, and giving up a child for adoption. The selections also include moving descriptions of healing and the return of high spirits. Among the poets included are Greg Watson, Deborah Keenan, Wang Ping, John Berryman, James Wright, and Robert Bly. 

Published by Nodin Press

The Center for Victims of Torture (CVT) is an international nongovernmental organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota, with locations around the world, including Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Uganda, and the United States. The center extends multidisciplinary rehabilitative care to torture survivors every day. In honor of their 30th anniversary, CVT asked individuals to share what hope means to them on a Tumblr webpage. From around the world, people sent original photos, poems, essays, and messages of hope, the best of which are reproduced here. 

“There are stories of grief, anger and injustice as well as stories of love, affirmation, and celebration. There are stories of resistance that inspire us to hope for a more just world. We also noticed a thread of profound resilience: the courage to take a risk, the ability to adapt, the determination to follow one’s dreams, and the spirit of working together. We hope that these stories, poems and artwork will be treasured as representative of the beauty of Saint Paul as well as where change, inclusion, and healing are still needed.”

—Wendy Brown-Baéz 

There are numerous books in print about parenting and family development, but few like this one, in which fathers offer their own accounts of being fathers from a startling variety of perspectives. Editors Greg Watson and Richard Broderick have masterfully gathered poignant, first-hand accounts of moments in a father's life from teething to burying; reflective poems describing the arc of fatherhood; accounts of insight, struggle, grief and delight gained while being a father; and epiphanies that occur only to parents. 

Published by Magers & Quinn

"This generous collection of poetry includes writers of great sophistication and experience, as well as exciting poets relatively new to the craft. To borrow from Margaret Hasse, words themselves lent by Virginia Woolf, here are ""little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark."" has become an essential website for the Minnesota arts community. What Light - the weekly column and the anthology - illustrates its commitment to presenting the best new work in the state." 

Published by Ramsey County Library

In early 2021, Ramsey County Library partnered with The Loft Literary Center to host a series of writing workshops online focused on writing about 2020. Led by poet and essayist Michael Kleber-Diggs, these workshops engaged participants through the written word and gave us tools to think and feel through our experiences of the past year. These workshops helped lay the groundwork for This Was 2020 as a collection of writings by Minnesotans of pandemics and social justice. 

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